I passionately teach your women the process of walking out God’s plan for their life and how to remove roadblocks along the way. Click the video below to learn more.

Signature Message:

Clearing the Way for Calling

Finally having the courage to publicly answer the question “What do you want to be when you grow up,” Lynn felt lost and deflated when told her answer was wrong. Those seeds of self-doubt followed Lynn in her career as a pharmacist, causing her to frantically search for calling in all the wrong places. She tried a lot of practices disguised as being “spiritual” that not only didn’t work, but drew her away from God.

Learning that calling entails a walk with God, Lynn leads women in reflecting on their life and its challenges, using Joseph as an example, for insight into their calling journey from God’s perspective. The audience leaves with three steps Lynn discovered to conquer common calling roadblocks.

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Courses & Workshops:

Moving Mountains Masterclass: How to make problems go poof without lifting a finger or losing your cool

Based on Biblical principles, this practical, powerful, and impactful  masterclass trains participants in how to apply my Magic Mirror MethodTM to everyday challenges. You'll see what God wants to surface in your life so that you know exactly what to change. In just one-hour, learn how to go from "poor me" to "problem free" and experience mountains moving.

Forgiving What's Hard to Forget

Use the power of writing to release deep emotions through a fresh perspective so that you finally forgive what's hard to forget.

  • Without needing to  dredge up the entire story again
  • Even if you believe you've put it behind you or worked with a counselor to get over it
  • And you haven't thought much about the issue lately but the story still stings

Mapping Your Calling Journey Timeline: An interactive destiny discovery workshop

Ever wish you had a guide to explain what your life story means? Now you do as I guide you through creating your own Calling Journey timeline. The timeline, developed by Tony Stoltzfus, provides a road map to your call, charting progress toward your purpose and helping you see how everything in life prepares you for your destiny. The stages and transitions along the road are the same ones traveled by Moses, Joseph and Paul.

No matter your age or stage, your personalized calling timeline helps you discover how God is already working in your life (especially during the challenging times), how to engage God in your current life stage, and gain insight into what your future holds.

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