Are you striving to align with God's calling but facing obstacles? Wondering how your challenges fit into His plan?

Lynn believed that finding your calling simply meant picking a career and climbing the corporate ladder. So imagine her surprise when she advanced in her career and decided that she had chosen the wrong ladder!

Feeling desperate, Lynn turned to others she believed held “spiritual” or career insight – psychics, astrologers, tons of books, and coaches. She went all in!

Thankfully, God leveraged Lynn's searching as she learned how God transforms us through tough times, shaping our purpose and healing our wounds even if challenges loom large and you feel way off-track.

Now, armed with wisdom and wit (and a few certifications), Lynn guides fellow mid-life Christian ladies desiring to decode their divine callings and break free from old habits. It's like a spiritual treasure hunt with Lynn leading the way!

For fun, Lynn likes to attend educational talks, comedy shows, and sporting events, visit quaint towns and lakes, ponder life with friends, hang out in nature, and watch women’s college basketball. With the three children raised, Lynn and her husband enjoy hiking the mountains of North Carolina to chase waterfalls and take in breathtaking views.

Fall views in Pisgah National Forest near the NC Blueridge Parkway.

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