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Have you felt frustrated trying to figure out God's plan for your life?

Not understanding God's plan for your life or what's blocking your way means that:

You waste time and energy looking in the wrong places.

You confuse where God calls you with where past pain leads you.

You guess and stay stuck instead of following God's proven plan.

Experience clarity and leave frustration behind.

I spent decades feeling frustrated as I tried to “figure out” God’s plan for my life. Finally, I discovered that God takes us on a predictable journey to mold us for our calling. He leverages problems, challenges, and set-backs to shape us and show us what to change. Without understanding the journey, calling can feel like an out-of-control roller coaster ride where you’re screaming, “Let me off!”

Thankfully, you have been traveling your calling journey all along. Viewing your life from God’s perspective provides clarity as you:

  • Comprehend God's timing and shaping process even if you believe it's too late or you're ready to retire
  • Transform stumbling blocks into stepping stones so that you remove roadblocks to living the life God planned
  • Know what to expect next and marvel at how every life experience prepared you for now

Find Your Calling Fast 

Get immediate access to Find Your Calling Fast and find your calling in 7 simple steps so that you stop wasting time.

Are you striving to align with God's calling but facing obstacles? Wondering how your challenges fit into His plan?

Howdy, I'm Lynn.

I'm a former pharmacy pro turned speaker and purpose-seeker extraordinaire! Obsessed with my calling, I ditched the white coat in a quest to uncover God’s plan for my life. From psychics, astrologers, every self-help book on the planet, and mediating on Oprah’s wisdom, I tried it all in my journey to find purpose - well, it seemed "spiritual" at the time!

But fear not, for in the chaos, I stumbled upon how God transforms us through tough times, shaping our purpose and healing our wounds even if challenges loom large and you feel way off-track.

Now, armed with wisdom, wit, a sprinkling of tough love, and multiple certifications to boot, I guide fellow mid-life Christian ladies to turn trials into triumph so that you decode your divine calling and break free from old habits. It's like a spiritual treasure hunt. I’ll lead the way!

You CAN live as God calls.

Step 1. Attend a speaking event or enroll in a course.

Find a speaking event or workshop in your area. Nothing near where you live? Contact Lynn to speak for your organization or to host a private, virtual workshop for you and your friends. 

Step 2. Learn the secrets for removing roadblocks

God sprinkles calling clues throughout your life. The secret lies in both learning how to decipher the clues and removing roadblocks that hinder the way.

Step 3. Move further into your calling.

Understanding the plan eliminates unnecessary confusion and delivers a new perspective that frees you to move further into your calling. You'll be serving others and God as He intended in no time!

They Say

Patsy Whitfield

Director, Women's Ministry

Triangle Christian Center, Raleigh

" Lynn led our women in a workshop where attendees gained new insight into what in their life they needed to forgive and how to actually do it! Attendees left revived and wanting more."

Terri Sherrill


"When I signed up for the course, I was dealing with childhood trauma and several harmful relationships. Through the exercises, I began to see how harmful childhood messages were keeping me stuck. I’m extremely grateful to Lynn and the course for helping me get unstuck. I have the power to change my life."

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Get immediate access to Find Your Calling Fast and clarify your calling in 7 simple steps so that you stop wasting time and take your next step with confidence.

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